May 11, 2007


Environments & Lobby Makeovers

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Your physical space should demonstrate who you are, what you do, and how you do it uniquely. Your environment often makes the critical "first impression," and also conveys your priorities. This medium needs to be managed just like your other marketing opportunities, to make sure that your message is consistent and focused.

Advent helps you create a space that communicates who you are and what you are about. We do this through a three step process:

  1. Discovery — Where we ask questions and take photos. Our objectives in this phase are to understand your message (brand character, philosophy, and image), and to photographically capture the elements of your space.
  2. Design — Where we build a plan for your space, based on your direction. Our objectives in this phase are to offer initial plans, complete with pre-visualization renderings of those plans mapped onto photos of your space; and to revise those plans and renderings until you see what you want your space to look like.
  3. Delivery & Integration — Where we implement the space plan by installing the various elements at your site.

The following photos illustrate the process. You can find much more information by visiting our site.

Lobby Makeover (before)

Lobby Makeover (after)

View more images in our Environments Gallery, or visit our site dedicated to lobby makeovers,

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