Nov 26, 2007

002: Transforming Tradeshow Tactics into Experiential Excellence

In this episode we discuss how you can take a 360 degree approach to transforming your existing tradeshow marketing into a highly effective experiential tool.
We discuss the elements of the 360 degree approach, and we give concrete examples.

Show Notes

00:00 Introduction

00:59 The Problem (trade shows are uncontrolled experiential overload)

03:53 The Solution: 360 degree Experiential Makeover

  • Pre-show: planning
  • At-show: execution
    • “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” (Helmuth von Moltke the Elder) Note: John′s “famous Viking” was actually a famous German.
  • Post-show: follow-up, evaluate

13:16 Example / Case Study

21:10 Close, Preview of next episode

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