May 7, 2012

An update on Living Water

Throughout the past five months, we have been in very frequent contact with the good people at The Living Water Project. At the end of 2011, we decided to repay the kindness shown us through our clients by building clean water wells in Haiti and Togo in their honor.

As we make our way through Spring in the Southland, we continue to receive news and updates about the wells. The project in Haiti is nearly complete, housed inside the walls of an orphanage just outside of Port-au-Prince, the Capital city. The well was built with pipes to run outside of the walls. This way the orphanage has access to clean water while also providing water for the surrounding community and keeping the children safe.

The young girl in the photograph is standing directly where the well has since been drilled. The wall behind her is all that separates the children from a busy street. In this orphanage, 55 small children are living. While there is still plenty of work to be done in Haiti, this well is a small step in making life less difficult for the many children in need.

As for the water wells in Togo, five have been completed with the final one nearly complete. We are waiting on photographs and video from our contacts in Togo, so as soon as we have some, we’ll put them up for you all!