Jun 13, 2017

Making it Fun at Advent During Spring-Summer 2017

The spring and summer are the busy season around Advent as schools and teams across the country look to have facilities ready for a new crop of students and athletes.

That doesn’t mean that our team doesn’t take time to refresh, recharge and keep the creative juices flowing.

The office was abuzz from April through June with catfish and playoff beards as the hometown Nashville Predators marched to the Stanley Cup Finals.

On a Thursday in May, our staff arrived at the office bright and early expecting a day full of meetings, presentations, surveys and trust falls for the annual Advent retreat. Instead, the team took a surprise bus trip for roller coasters at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Ind.

For another early wake-up call, we also came together as a team for the March of Dimes Run for Babies and the Titans 5K.

By early June, we entered one of our more ambitious designs yet for the Red Bull Flugtag contest. Stay tuned for more on that one…