Aug 8, 2017

The first look at the future of Los Angeles football

In the fourth floor of an office building in Playa Vista, Calif., the year is already 2020.

The new home for the NFL in Southern California won’t open for another three years, but potential suite holders and sponsor partners can catch a glimpse of what will be in the L.A. Stadium Premiere Center.

Working in conjunction with Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke and Legends Global Sales, Advent designed a one-of-a-kind experience that will help stakeholders visualize the potential of the full 300-acre campus including the stadium and the mixed-use district.

Members of the media got their first look at the Premiere Center last week, and the conclusion was: “This is different.”

“Picture a sales office at a new residential neighborhood, only on steroids,” Vincent Bonsignore wrote the Orange County Register. This is “the future of professional football in Los Angeles,” wrote Nathan Fenno in the Los Angeles Times.

The centerpiece of the Premiere Center is the replica of the mixed-use campus. Digital projections allow the model to show the full breadth of opportunities and options within the stadium and entire the sports and entertainment district.

Wrote Don Muret in Sports Business Journal:

“Technology plays a key role in telling the story, but it’s the touches of California flair that distinguish this project from preview centers built for the Vikings, Falcons, Dolphins and Cowboys. The ocean-wave-themed reception desk greeting visitors in the lobby on the ground floor, the open-air ‘discussion rooms’ framed by white noise ‘curtains’ keeping those talks private, and the outdoor deck and hospitality space facing the city that concludes the journey all brand the center with a hip, leisurely SoCal decor.”

The LA Stadium Premiere Center opened Aug. 3. will feature more on this project in coming weeks.