Dec 12, 2017

Free Job Interview Tips from Advent: No Questions Asked (video)

Let’s face it: The job interview is no one’s idea of a great time.

It’s a grueling, anxiety-filled experience packed with challenging questions and the anxiety to find the perfect answers.

On both sides of the desk, the job interview is a high-stakes situation. The applicant is looking to get that job offer, and the employer is looking for the cues and experience that don’t show up on a résumé.

When Advent CEO John Roberson speaks to college students, they often ask for mentorship on breaking into that first job or making a great first impression.

Roberson was recently approached to provide do’s and don’ts for one university’s group of job seekers, and we decided to do it the Advent way — and also give our team the opportunity to show off their acting chops.

For all those young interviewees looking for a road map to a successful interview, we put together this video. It’s a little quirky. It’s a little exaggerated. And, we hope, it’s a little informative.