When the zombie apocalypse is upon us, we will be sketching!

Would you like to join our rag-tag crew? Are you skilled with a marker, Wacom pen, and crossbow? Then check out the posts below:

Open Design Positions

  • Freelance Conceptual Designer

    The Freelance Conceptual Design role at Advent requires a multi-disciplined set of tools in bag. This designer should be well honed in his or her craft with the ability to ideate and create a variety of high-concept design deliverables. An ideal candidate should have a primary background in dimensional design work (Industrial, Architecture, Exhibit, Scenic, etc.) with a strong ability for sketching and marker rendering, whether done traditionally or digitally. In addition, an impeccable design eye for overall design cohesion is desired. This role requires solid people skills as the freelance designer may often collaborate toward achieving a comprehensive design vision. Details / Apply