Advent gives back
to the community

Brand Loyalty is Forged in Shared Experiences™

Cole Elementary School

Cole Elementary, a special community with a special story.

Cole Elementary, a Nashville area school with an extremely diverse population, serves 825 students that represent 20 different countries and speak 16 different languages. Cole Elem… Read more

Living+Water International

Freshwater from one of the seven wells built by Advent 2011

At the end of 2011, John Roberson and Todd Austin came to the Advent team with an idea. We had been blessed with a very successful year and they wanted our team to find a way to pa… Read more

Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Advent supports creativity in Art2STEM program

One way our employees have been giving back is through a local school in Nashville, TN. Thurgood Marshall Middle School is located in Southeast Nashville. With a diverse population… Read more