Alaya Howard

Executive Coordinator

Alaya is simultaneously the backbone and the face of Advent. She represents the company for visitors coming through the building, while also juggling the schedules and organization of our VPs of Implementation and Client Strategies and keeping the office stocked and fueled (and our snacks replenished). Her tasks are never the same from day to day but she keeps the office running smoothly to, in turn, keep our clients happy.

A true Nashville native, Alaya received her B.S. in Mass Communication from Middle Tennessee University with a focus in visual communications. She previously worked as a Program Coordinator in Indianapolis and assisted in events and training for pharmaceutical companies, but decided to move back home and joined our team.

Alaya’s family is a big source for her motivation and inspiration— her two sisters, mother and particularly her father, a college and pro-football player who instilled in her the value of hard work and dedication. When she’s not holding everything together at the office, she’s either taking barr3 classes or binge-watching TV shows.