Chris Chavanne

Updates Manager

Chris joined Advent at the same time he and his wife were raising a toddler at home — and this prepared him for the adventurous, unpredictable role of managing updates for Advent. He’s acutely aware how much the world can change in a few moments and how one can miss something in a blink of an eye.

As updates manager, Chavanne ensures that Advent designs remain fresh and up-to-date months and years after installation. He works with clients to facilitate update requests from the design phase to installation. Arriving at Advent in the summer of 2016, Chris joined us from Gibson Brands, Inc. where he was a marketing project manager for seven years. Prior to that, he was a UI/UX designer.

Hailing from Charlotte, N.C., Chris earned a degree in industrial design from Auburn University. Chris counts raising his son from a newborn to age 1 as the proudest achievement of his life, but during the day at Advent he’s equally adept at turning updates quickly. Whether it’s a new baby or a new All-American to add to a client’s exhibit, Chris is on top of all that’s new and noteworthy.