Colin Sandlin


Colin’s eye for design started with his ear. His first attempt to design a full sensory experience began in the seventh grade when he used Microsoft Paint to create an album cover for a mix CD. He’s come a long way from the skulls and flames that adorned that grungy, punk rock album cover. For Advent, Colin uses his knowledge of 3D forms and materials, combined with flat graphics, to create fabrication techniques and final design elements that impress clients and delight their audiences.

Since he joined us in 2015, Colin has designed projects for clients including the Tennessee Titans, Stanford University, North Carolina State University and his alma mater, Auburn University. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Auburn in industrial design and worked for an architecture and graphic design firm in Atlanta before making the move to Nashville and Advent.

Away from Advent, Colin leaves industrial design and architecture at his desk. He loves the outdoors, as he and his wife enjoy traveling, backpacking, overlanding, camping … and telling corny dad jokes. Colin gets continual inspiration and knowledge from taking things apart, seeing what makes them tick and putting them together again.