Jenna Miske

Studio Manager

At the tender hour of 5 a.m., when the rest of Nashville is asleep, Jenna is jamming out on the elliptical to the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack to prepare for her day. Straight outta the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Jenna is the account manager for one of Advent’s most notorious design pods, and the second she bounces in the door with a 64-ounce mug of coffee, she’s ready to fire up her laptop and get to work. Daily tasks include but are not limited to designing, juggling tons of projects, interacting with clients and assigning design work.

After the last project of the day is emailed away, Jenna enjoys patronizing the restaurants of East Nashville, hanging out with her dog Frankenfurter and testing new recipes for her cousin’s wildly popular food blog. Despite living in Nashville for several years, her Northern accent grows stronger every day — but she occasionally lets a “y’all” slip out.