Katie Burk

Strategic Account Manager

Like her mentor Walt, Katie is an energetic extrovert who loves to meet new people and is truly passionate about providing first-class sales support. (Unlike Walt, her perfectly styled hair does not require the assistance of waterproof gel). She started working at Advent in 2015 after a job as a timeshare salesperson, where people occasionally bolted from their chairs and left the building at top speed to avoid buying timeshares. Luckily, three-time half-marathoner Katie is fast runner.

In addition to her sales experience, Katie has a masters degree in counseling, which helps her listen to and understand her clients’ needs. Her attention to detail allows her to stay on top of everyone’s schedules and paperwork, and she enjoys traveling the country to present Advent’s work to prospective clients. She’s also a whiz at Keynote and can whip up a stunning presentation at the drop of a hat.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys hiking the beautiful mountains of Middle Tennessee, running (not after clients), providing unparalleled sprinting power for her Nashville Sports League kickball team and spending time with husband Sean and dogs Wrigley and Dublin.