Lauren Duke Patterson

Associate Design Director

Lauren joined our team in the spring of 2012. Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Lauren received her B.A. in industrial design from Georgia Tech in 2008, then received an MBA from Auburn University in 2011. Clearly, she’s an educated lady.

Lauren came to us from working with Auburn University athletics as a design assistant, and she currently runs her design team with razor precision. When asked how she got to Nashville, she replied, “A car.” She is gifted in working with Adobe’s Creative Suite programs, and sports graphics is where her skills truly shine.

When she isn’t hammering out the latest and greatest in design concepts for our clients, she likes to spend her time doing anything but work. She enjoys spending time with her husband Sam, cooking and baking (mainly items of the cheesecake variety), painting, hiking, fishing, outdoor sports, concerts and much more. She also has a twin brother.