Rebecca Tracy

Project Manager

If Rebecca Tracy seems especially adept at handling challenging and new situations, that’s because she has plenty of experience. She was an aerial dancer for two years, twisting and turning with nothing but ribbon between herself and the ground. She called it “circus class.” Advent is thrilled to have her as a ringmaster.

As project manager, Rebecca shepherds each project from initial design through installation. She is the liaison between the Advent team and clients to ensure projects are delivered on deadline and on budget. Professionally, her background exemplifies flexibility. She was a clinical operations director for a Charlotte-based mental health services non-profit, managing outpatient and residential services for patients. And prior to Advent, she was a project manager for a catering service in Nashville.

Rebecca grew up in Stow, Ohio, outside of Akron before earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago. Through all that traveling, she remains an avid fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She brings to the Advent team a love of new experiences and an organized, procedural mind, both key attributes for a project manager.