Scott Beavers

Graphic Designer

Scott Beavers first fell in love with drawing as a child, but when he discovered Photoshop as a teenager, he began to explore the endless possibilities these tools offered him in art and design. Scott brings to Advent years of expertise in branding, layout, typography and illustration. Hailing from Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Scott started as a contractor with Advent in 2015 before joining the team full-time in September 2016.

At Advent, he’s found a home as both a “design nerd” and sports fan. Scott describes his personal style as a mix of clean, modern lines with a twist of vintage aesthetics. That style can be found in Advent’s work for the Dallas Cowboys, the University of Southern California, the University of North Carolina, the University of South Carolina and more. He’s most proud of his work with the Tennessee Titans and playing a role in inspiring his hometown team to future greatness.

When he’s not quoting rap lyrics for inspiration or indulging his love of “terrible” movies, Scott likes to build furniture and leave piles of “man glitter” — that’s what his wife calls sawdust — around the garage. As the father of twin girls, Scott gets as much glitter and glue as this reformed musician/metalhead can handle.