Seth Maddox

Associate Design Director

Seth is a well-traveled man’s man, enjoying such rugged adventures as camping in Jackson Hole, mountain biking and working on American muscle cars. He’s driven across the country and back home twice: once on a road trip to Wyoming and once for a football game in Pasadena, California. (He recommends the latter only if your team is going to win.)

He brings this sense of adventure and respect for timeless design to his role as an associate design director. Originally hailing from Woodland, Alabama, he earned a degree in industrial design from Auburn. When he’s not cranking out masterpieces in Illustrator and Photoshop, he enjoys playing guitar, live music, photography, mountain biking and wakeboarding.

On top of all of that, Seth’s positive attitude and dedicated work ethic has inspired more than one conversation about installing a hammock downstairs so he doesn’t have to waste his time commuting. Or maybe we’ll just pitch him a tent.