Tim Belcher


Tim joined the Advent team in the summer of 2012. A native Nashvillian, he returned home after a wayfare that included several years in the National Guard as a communications specialist and combat cameraman, an embarrassing number of Widespread Panic shows and an infamous stint in Chapel Hill, North Cackalacky as an art and music scenester. Along the way he picked up a few tricks to tuck into his cuffs, including an associate’s degree in Advertising & Graphic Design, a mastery of Photoshop, a love for western shirts & argyle socks and a voracious appetite for new music. Oh, and the dude can fly Apaches and Blackhawks. That’s right, people, helicopters. Since returning home, Tim worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for the National Guard for seven years before joining our team.

When Tim isn’t command-alt-shifting great into the greatest, you can bet he’s discovering your new favorite band or painting your new favorite canvas. Or designing digital record sleeves for the mixtape that will soundtrack your winter, spring, summer or fall. Or maybe he’s just watching Ninjago while playing Legos with his daughters Elise and Margit. Know this: We think he rocks. You should, too.